So, I lied. Kinda

Well, I know I posted the other day that Laura and I would be back today with a link up, but turns out timing wasn’t totally right (totally my fault). I was lacking too much motivation to try to motivate others. That’s just not real.  No worries. I have to do this for myself. I have only the tiniest motivation to get going for me, and the very fact that Laura and I weren’t ready to go is reason enough for me to kick it into gear. I don’t handle giving myself structure so much as just doing it. Once I put some kind of timed guideline on something,  or have to hold myself accountable to others I usually fail. My success has always only come from wanting to prove something to myself.

 Anyway, I am going to be working on trying to drop 10-15 lbs. How? Well. First of all I am going to make a commitment of exercising 4-5 days a week. Not just my yummy yoga, which I love, but I need to do cardio. Which I loathe. I own an elliptical, but I hate using it, so my hope is to get outside and run. Or something! Just be physical and sweat a few days a week. It’d be a vast improvement then from, oh say, doing nothing.

As for my diet. I have to say ba bye to bread! I am not forgoing all carbs. I’m not following some fad diet or book. Fruits and most veggie carbs are staying. Pasta and breads have gotta go. Large amounts of butter and cheese. I literally feel like a bloated puffed pastry when ever I go near them. Also, sweets and sugary goodies are no more, at least not in the quantity and frequencies of late. I will always allow myself treats now and then, but I have to make smarter choices. Fat free frozen yogurt, not ice-cream. I guess you could say that I am following a lower calorie, higher protein, carb neglecting diet plan.  ;)

This isn’t about dropping a quick 10 lbs and then regaining it. I know how I feel and look 10 lbs lighter then I am, because I was that weight not long ago. It’s better. I think I lost my way somewhere along the diet coke train leaving the station and winter in general, but I have put on a few lbs in a short time. I want to maintain what I lose, so these changes I make need to be sustainable as a lifestyle. I am going to be tracking what I eat by journaling and then plugging both my exercise and food into an app that I got so that I can track my progress!

So, that’s my plan. Nothing fancy, no books to buy and meal plan craziness. Just hopeful that these changes will cut it! While this isn’t an official challenge or link up, if you posted some goals, or want to encourage each other, PLEASE leave a link in the comments! I will definitely be popping over to check out what you will be working on, and I encourage you to visit each other! I will definitely post again in the future about my progress, and let me know if you do too!

So, sorry this isn’t exactly what I wanted it to be. But, that’s kind of the point. Every day, things happen that make it so easy to just put it off, and not make the changes we need to make. I think it’s important to make tiny decisions all day long. Everything we do is 1 minute at a time. Hopefully we choose to string together great choices in those minutes and have some great days. Sometimes we will screw up, but I’m going to make sure that just because I mess up, I’m not throwing in the towel. I will just make sure the next thing I do it better then the last thing. I want to look and feel my best.


and also, see above ;)


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3 Responses to So, I lied. Kinda

  1. Amber says:

    I’m right there with you girl. I want to lose 10 lbs (although I am determined to do it by summer).
    You are better than me, I don’t think I can cut out carbs, but the sugar has definitely got to go! Good luck (not that you need it) and can’t wait to see your progress.

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