Spring Clean Yourself

I haven’t always been a person that takes great care of herself.  In fact, I was downright awful to myself in my twenties. Too much of everything bad and not enough of anything good. I was young and dumb and my priorities weren’t in line.

I didn’t drink water or moisturize my skin. I went tanning and drank too much. I smoked. I didn’t exercise. I didn’t eat well or get good sleep. I yo-yo dieted. I beat the heck out of myself and took my health for granted. Mind, body and spirit. I was a hot mess. Emotionally and I’m guessing physically, at least on the inside. Taking care of myself just wasn’t a priority. It was barely on my radar.

Just before I turned 30, something clicked in my head somewhere. It wasn’t an entirely conscious decision, (cue the song, My Next 30 Years) but things sort of just started slowly falling into place and making more sense to me. I never truly ever felt like an adult until around then. I gave up smoking. It was hard, but I did it cold turkey and it is the single best thing I ever did. I rarely drink alcohol anymore, maybe 3 times last year, and I will never tan again. I drink lots of water. I moisturize morning and night. I even recently gave up my precious diet coke. Which was like, literally my last (negative) vice. It took a year, but I really feel amazing and on track to live a healthy and fulfilling life, minus all the crap. I just turned 31 and I finally feel all grown up. (Mostly.  We all know I’m super immature with most other nonsense, and frankly proud of it.)

As for eating. We eat pretty well here. I cook as organically as I can usually, and we avoid fast food except for the occasional happy meal for the kids. So, even as far as the quality of our food, I’ve got that. It’s not processed or laden with chemicals. What I don’t do enough of–  is cook lean. It’s hard. I love delicious food people! Cheese and butter…mmmmm! And my diet coke removal gave me a cookie craving! And I have not been exercising enough at all. I had a good run for a week-ish a few weeks ago, then I got busy and stopped.

Anyhow as I blather on, the point is that I have a few goals in mind, for Spring. And while I was tweeting about some changes that I plan on making, Laura from Our Reflection and I started chatting about how we ALL probably have a few tweaks we’d like to make, somewhere in our life. And, Laura had a fun idea:

On Wednesday (the 21st) Laura and I will be hosting a link up! Join us with a post about a goal for Spring. Maybe you want to lose a few lbs before Summer. Or read more, or volunteer. Just something to be a better you, mind or body.  Then come back and link up on Wednesday! Think of it as a support system, to help you stay motivated and accountable for whatever it is you want to work on!

I hope you all join us, I’m super excited to Spring into this Spring challenge!

And I’ll always love an excuse for excessive pun usage.

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5 Responses to Spring Clean Yourself

  1. It’s very impressive that you’ve turned your habits around like that! I’m not too bad with health stuff.. I eat well and sleep well, and if I drink it’s very rare I have more than one glass of wine.. but I don’t exercise at all, and sometimes before bed I ‘forget’ to take my make up off.. so I could be better ;)

    Looking forward to seeing this link up :)

    • Colleen says:

      I don’t even want to tell you the amount of times that I used to forget to take my makeup off before bed, because it was NOT okay! ;)

  2. Lena Baird says:

    love this! I’ll be here on Wednesday!

  3. Amber says:

    Whoa I just blogged about my goal for spring and then saw this. I guess great minds think alike!!

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