Sometimes You Gotta Change The Game Plan

Well, it’s been several weeks since I wrote about my need to Spring Clean Myself so I thought I’d just drop in and talk about how it’s been going. And how I  haven’t lost a single pound.

At first I was using an app to track calories and working out. I was limiting my calorie intake to around 1200 a day, and exercising a few days a week. And I lost nothing. I was avoiding carbs, eating lean…it didn’t really make sense. So, as with most things, I stopped nitpicking my carbs and calorie counting. It was too much effort with zero results. My body was not in starvation mode, because even though I was only eating 1200 calories, I was filling up on a ton of veggies. Whatever the case, it just wasn’t working for me.

So, enter a random tweet about Couch to 5 K. My interest was instantly peeked, because I long to be a runner! I wanna wear super cute running gear and bound out of the house in the early morning! I want to do a 5K! I want to be one of those people! But, it has never worked for me for several reasons. So anyway, I see the word couch and I assume anyone can do this.  And, so far, I am right.  It really isn’t about losing weight so much. I started the C25K plan with a few other ladies, and I am loving it. It’s just enough of a push that it’s workout, but it’s not killing me. I honestly look forward to it. Getting outside and running is rad. It’s calm and beautiful. It makes me feel better all day, and following this plan has allowed me to not overdo it. That has always been my issue with running. I hurt myself or push to do too much and that just makes it unenjoyable. Oh, and this lame problem:

I have a condition called Exercised Induced Urticaria that causes horrible itching when I run hard. I don’t get hives, but after a bit of running I want to rip my skin off and it gets red and blotchy. Also, I am horribly susceptible to murderous pain from shin splints. Sounds like I ought to stick to the elliptical huh? Well I can’t! At least, I don’t want to ! I love running outside, and so far following this plan, the itching has been minimal. ( I can take an allergy pill to help before I run, but I hate to.) And, I haven’t keeled over from shin splints. It’s easing me into this in a gentle way.

As for my diet. Well, there have been several recent events that have led me to decide to adopt a Vegan (plant based) diet. For life. This isn’t about losing weight, and I will not be  preaching here to you about why I am choosing this. What each person puts in their body is their choice, and it’s our own decision to choose or not to choose to educate ourselves on the matter. No matter what you eat, you will get no judgment or preaching from me. All that I can say is that for the most part it has been a long time coming for me and everything has clicked into place recently.  (I did cave and have a few chocolate Easter treats yesterday, this is something that I have been easing into, sue me.) I feel good about my decision, and am loving coming up with delicious and healthy new recipes to try. And, my family is also on board, so that helps.

So to sum up: I move forward by concentrating on getting fit and focusing on the quality and nutritional value of what is going into my body (and my families’) and that is it. No more calorie counting. It just doesn’t work for me and it never really has. I hope that the lifestyle changes that I am making improve my overall health. Period. I don’t ever think that things that don’t work for me make me a failure. I know that I am always being pushed toward something else. I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. If those 10 lbs I want to lose come off after adopting this new lifestyle, then great. If not, ok, but I know that I am healthier regardless. But, I have to say, I have a strong feeling that they will.

 Now, quit rolling your eyes at me! I’m super happy with ALL of this!

How have you been doing with Spring goals?

xox, crazy woman

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5 Responses to Sometimes You Gotta Change The Game Plan

  1. Lisa @ MMT says:

    You go girl! So happy to hear you are doing what makes you and your family happy and healthy! I stopped eating beef and pork over a year ago and I’m hoping to slowly cut out chicken too. I need to start running again though. Seeing everyone kick up their workouts gives me motivation.
    Lisa @ MMT recently posted..EasterMy Profile

    • Colleen says:

      I totally agree! Having others around you making positive changes is ridiculously motivating! That’s why it’s so great to have positive people in your life! :)

  2. Courtney says:

    Get it girl! :) I love running. I have the C25K program on my list for after I finish this crazy medifast diet. I’m posting today about how I lost another two pounds even though I suspect its water weight, cause no inches came off. I’m cheering you on in your Spring Cleaning Yourself goal. ;)
    Courtney recently posted..SAVE THE DATEMy Profile

  3. Brooke says:

    I love that we are both doing C 2 5 K. I know you can do it and you keep reminding me that I can too :)
    thanks for the support!
    Brooke recently posted..It had nothing to do with the wine!My Profile

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