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I purchased a little gold leaf kit awhile ago, since I have this minor attraction to pretty things with haphazard gold leafing, and I just wanted to share my experience with it!

First, my kit came with a dual tipped glue pen so you basically draw with or paint the glue where you want the gold to stick, then wait 5-10 minutes, (the kit said the glue would dry blue, it did not) and apply the gold my pressing down on the back of the sheet. When you pull the sheet up the gold is supposed to stick where you put the glue. Easy! There will be excess and you just take a soft paintbrush to buff away the remaining hangers on.

I used the kit to make an iphone cover, to jazz up a pillar, and on some blank notecards. I found it very hard to be precise, but fortunately for me, I think the messy look is pretty cute. I saved all my little flecks of leftovers (it’s totally reusable) and I plan on using it on more gold leaf on projects in the future for sure!

Have you ever DIY’d gold leaf? I feel like an art restorer from the Smithsonian when I am working with the little brush sweeping off the gold dust, it’s pretty dorkalicious.




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  1. I’ve never done this before but I might have to try it out! I’m planning a bridal shower for my best friend and I plan on throwing a whole bunch of ideas especially gold leafing onto the table. hmm… It looks so pretty!!!
    Chloe Moon recently posted..A Birthday & A Few Things for the Weekend!My Profile

  2. This is so cute! I’ve never been a fan of gold, but I actually really like this. The “messy” gives it a vintage/antique feel, and I think that looks great! I see a project in my future!

    Christen Dobbs recently posted..Confusion, Relationships, and Questions We’ll Never Have Answers ForMy Profile

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