how I took my hair from dark brown to blonde by myself (& the insta progression)

So I have taken my hair from practically black to super blonde over the course of a month or so, by myself, and I thought I would share how I did it. Not that I recommend it, but I do get asked often how the hell I got my hair so blonde, so fast. Let me tell you, not easily.

Putting_on_makeup_has_happened_maybe_3_times_this_month._Lets_document_that_shiz._Falsies_even_This was the color I started  with. ^^^^^


My hair was about a 2N and pretty much freshly colored when I suddenly needed immediate and major change. I was really depressed and I took it out on my hair. I made a rash decision and decided it was time to be blonde. I know this is not the smart decision. I do. My very talented hair friends scolded me good. But once I did the initial bleaching there was really no going back. I didn’t want to just dump more dark dye on top and go backwards, I felt like I had to get it there! (in retrospect I would have used a product to pull the color out before I started bleaching, but you know, I jump in with both feet like a crazy.)

Ok._Here_is_my_crazy_hair_on_the_way_to_blonde._Don_t_tell_at_me_hair_friend_I_m_letting_it_rest_here_for_a_little_while._But_not_long_it_s_a_little_much_on_me.This is after 2 bleachings. ^^^^^^  Very red and at the time I didn’t like it on me, but now I do!


I wish I had a pic from after the first time! It was SO streaky, I did not have nearly enough bleach to saturate my whole head, so I HAD to do it again the next day. (bad!) After that, basically what I would do is bleach my hair every other week or so and then condition the heck out of it in between and trim it. Once I got it to light yellow, I used a toner (Wella) from Sally. I have tried 3 different toner colors so far and I like a combo of them. I also use purple shampoo and conditioner to help pull the brassiness out.

Katie_s_bachelorette___katiem320_love_my_sister_Getting blonder^^^^ (isn’t my sister gorgeous??)

This really light blonde was too blonde for me, and never my actual goal, but now that I had it this light I could begin to lowlight and add darker color for more dimension.


Is my hair damaged? Yes, but not as bad as you may think. I lost a lot of length, but I knew that I would going in. I also have really coarse, thick hair. My friend Veronica, who does my hair when I am not being a lunatic doing my own, told me that I am lucky that I have very strong hair ;) She recently did an additional highlight (not pictured) to help give me more dimension so it wasn’t all a flat color. I don’t really recommend doing this yourself, but here are the bullet points for those who want to know!

  • bleached whole head of hair 4 times waiting a week- two weeks between bleaching (except the 2nd bleaching, I did that the next day…bad.)
  • condition, condition, oh, and coconut oil treatments in between.
  • Trim after each bleaching ( I also trimmed my own hair. I watch a lot of youtube for tips.)
  • Toner after the last 2 bleachings- Wella brand from Sally, I stayed away from any of the ash colors.
  • purple shampoo ( I have generic label from Sally and also Shimmer Lights conditioner, now that my hair is really blond I only use it a few times a week.)
  • Bleach powder by the buckets from Sally (the blue kind)
  • Started with 30V developer and then went down to 20V as it got lighter

I think that’s it! In the end, I spent a lot of time on this, and a lot of money on supplies. It was stressful, and I don’t really like it all that much. Ha! Once I add some dark blonde I think I will be happy, but the fact is, you can’t take black hair to light brown/dark blonde without bleaching it out regardless so, this is the route I took! Don’t yell at me! ;)

***Update- I colored the underside of my hair a darker blonde and added the lowlights (2 rows of foils on each side of my head, by myself again with a 7n demi-permanent  color) and used another toner combo (even parts of natural blonde, beige blonde and a half ounce of purple toner from Wella) and I am in love with the color! Finally!


I am going to keep adding lowlights and and highlighting roots every other time to maintain the color, but  gradually become a darker/dirtier blonde color my overall goal. At least now I am not ashamed to leave my house, because there were times during this process that I HAD to wear a hat. For real.

Let me know if you have any questions about what I did! :)


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  1. phew! i thought about doing this to my hair but i’ve never been that brave. i’ll stick with red :)

  2. This is way too advanced for my hair dying skills buuuuutttt I just wanted to say that you’re purty. :] xo JA
    Julie recently posted..My First Tattoo StoryMy Profile

  3. I really do like it. But girl, you are so brave. My hair was as dark as yours but I was so afraid to do it myself. My super fabulous hairdresser did the whole removal of the black and it was pretty much the same color as yours when it was red. Then she added blonde highlights and a warmer blonde color. I wish it was a little lighter but it works. Pretty sure you could shave your head and still be gorgeous!!
    Lindsay recently posted..sixMy Profile

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