how many minutes does instagram steal from you?

instagramFor a lot of you , I bet that you just checked your instagram about 2 minutes ago. I did. I find that I spend more and more time on there and it is a bad habit.

For me, there are so many different aspects of why instagram is so enticing. Peaks into people’s lives, instant feedback on something you are doing or working on, beautiful images, chatting with friends, stumbling across new ones…it’s a way to feel immediately connected with people unlike any other form of social media. Instant photos and usually from the moment that a person is in. It’s so personal.

But, for every pro I listed up there, there is a big old CON, and that is the very large, very mysterious chunk of my day that can be taken away from getting sucked down that very deep black hole. ¬†Admittedly, I have spans of time when I don’t even think to check my phone, especially if I am not home, I rarely get on. But, when I am home and I need to get things done there isn’t an hour that goes by that I don’t check Instagram/Twitter and when I do, it can very suddenly take on a full 15 minutes at a minimum of social media time. Now multiply that by several times a day- not a cute number of minutes. Not only that, but sometimes it can be hard to focus on your own life, when you are constantly comparing yours to someone else’s.


So what do you do? I can’t stop instagramming. First of all, I do LOVE it. It is the most current photo album of my life and has captured more small details of it than anything that I have ever had. It’s so cool. Also, it is such a fast growing marketing tool, as a start up business owner you’d be crazy not to use it. So for me, in order to be productive the key is to find balance and as crazy as it sounds, schedule it. To use it, and be active, but not obsessively check it. So I have a plan.

I keep my phone on silent, (rings are so jarring!) but right in my general vicinity at ALL times and I think this is the number one thing that has kept me so tethered to social media. (duh) So what I am going to experiment with is, when I am home, I am going to be keeping my phone in a location that is away from me and the ringer turned on. That way I can take calls and email, but I don’t have the urge to grab it and mindlessly start scrolling. It’s the only thing that I can think to do to take back some of this time that I am losing.

I know this might sound silly, maybe you don’t have this issue, but I do. It’s such a wake up call when you aren’t getting everything in your life done and you have to really dissect where all of your time is going. Time is money when you are self employed guys, so this post is my first step in taking back some of mine. Putting down the phone, and getting busy ya’ll. I’ve got goals to reach. :)

What about you? Has instagram taken over your life?


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  • For a lot of you , I bet that you just checked your instagram about 2 minutes ago. I did. I find that I spend more and more time on there and it is a bad habit. For me, there are so many different aspects of why instagram is so enticing. Peaks into people’s lives,… [Continue Reading]

    how many minutes does instagram steal from you?
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  1. I turned off Alerts for IG all together. I love it, but I love it at certain times. I don’t want to be distracted by it all day so I only access it when I have some down time and it wont suck away my life! :)
    Miss Angie recently posted..So Much ChangeMy Profile

  2. I LOVE Instagram, but I forget to check it till I go to post something to be honest. I usually scroll through it during those bored times when I’m waiting on something…

    Christen Dobbs recently posted..30 Days of Me with A Beautiful MessMy Profile

  3. I used to be obsessed with Instagram.. but then it kinda became old. Now I am on Twitter. Every 2 minutes. Mainly for the artists and news I follow. I have became such a news junkie it’s unbelievable. I should put that in my description on there. HA!

    • I for sure should have just put social media, not just instagram. (although I am not a big face booker at all, I don’t even keep that app on my phone!) Twitter is a deep black hole too! Once I think I spent an hour reading all of the Real Housewives twitter accounts…So yeah. ;)

  4. apparently I was supposed to put “http://”… wth
    Natalie recently posted..Polywhore: Fashion Diaries #3 (with some shop updates and music!)My Profile

  5. I go through spurts. Some days or weekends or weeks, I make a decision to not feel the need to capture every moment, and therefor edit it and post in. Because I can get wrapped up in the picture rather than the moment and I feel like I am losing time and precious moments with my people. When I step away from taking my own pictures, I don’t really think to go on Instagram quite as much, unless maybe everyone is asleep. Also, I’ve turned off my notifications to all social media on my phone. My phone is a constant distraction otherwise . I know this. The less I post status updates, tweets, pictures….the less I’m consumed with checking to see if ppl commented. Because even that is hard even though I turn my notifications off. The only downfall is sometimes ppl will tweet me or comment, etc and I might not see it for days so it looks like I’m ignoring ppl.

    • Ya know, I def would say there have been times when I can turn my brain off to social media for long periods of time, and I feel totally fine with that. However, I find that when I do, I get really disconnected to the blog world. I am such an all or nothing person unfortunately. I have to teach myself balance. Turning off alerts is a great idea, I really think that is a good step in stopping some of the all day distraction that social media can bring! xoxo girl!

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