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I think people think of stay at home moms who blog as just stay at home moms. Most people in my life think of me as jobless. Just a mom with tons of hobbies? I don’t know, I guess until you are in it, or people can see you as a success, the building of brands and blogs and businesses look to people as more of a time-wasting hobby than a J.O.B. Like, hey lady, you could be mopping your floor right now.

But we do work. Hard, and often without a lot to show for it, at least at first. I think as bloggers, it can be easy to fall into the 24/7 lifestyle of emails and social media and whatever else our blogs entail without getting a dime for it. For me, I am spread about as thin as a person can be. I babysit my niece a few hours a week 4 days a week, have my blog, design clients, I run social media and blogs for 2 companies, we have a new business that we took on recently, and I have Reves & Paisley. Not to mention a house to clean, kids to care for who are starting school soon and have a ton of little things that need shopped for and turned in, and a fairly high maintenance husband. (This is just me, my personal current scenario, but you can easily insert your own things that you have going on and get what I mean.) Us women, entrepreneurial bloggers in particular, fill our plates to the edge and some people who aren’t in it don’t take it seriously. They just don’t.

Some days, I feel great! I get a ton of things accomplished, slam dunk a healthy dinner, sneak a run in, have a clean house and happy family. Then, there are the days I don’t get out of my pajamas, I sit on my computer for the whole day, look at the clock to see that it is dinner time, get take out, and have to weave my way through the toy disaster to get to the bathroom. All to feel that I didn’t accomplish anything of much value, even if I had been working the whole day long. Those are the days that I wonder if all of those people are right. Maybe I ought to spend more time cleaning and paying attention to my house and get a job with steady money, than working so hard on things that, let’s face it, might never pan out. Days like that can suck, but somehow, when I wake up, I change my attitude and charge on.

So why do I feel the need to even justify how I spend my time or what I am working to build? I don’t really, not normally. I don’t even really talk about all of my ventures to people outside of my immediate circle, but to you guys. You guys who do the same thing, it’s nice to know there are people out there, like me,  that do believe what you are working on is an actual thing. That you are doing things that matter or could be something of value someday. When our blogs get zero comments in the dead of summer, and our shop sales are slow, it’s important not to let those people who underestimate what we are working toward make us feel like what we spend our very valuable time on, is a waste of time. Because if you find value in it, it’s not.

Whether you make $5 or $5000, frankly, it’s just none of their business. Tell them: you do you, I’ll do me. And some days, I get to do me- in my jammies.

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  1. I’m in love with your blog! I found you through the Mommy-Brain mixer and boy I’m glad I did. I love your humor and your tell it like it is style. I’m looking forward to reading more. Love when I find a great new blog to follow!!!
    Ashley Ponder Richards recently posted..Practice Makes Habit Link-UpMy Profile

  2. Yep! I have been facing this. I love blogging so much, and the past few days I’ve been nonstop learning, networking, etc… but I’ve barely accomplished any housework. I’m a housewife, not a SAHM right now (I can’t legally work in this country right now) and a newlywed. When we first got married, my husband was irritated I was spending so much time online and not enough on housework, so I was barely blogging (for me) but then recently he was saying “You were talking about monetizing your blog…” and I told him if he wanted me to do that, things would have to change because when my blog was hopping, I was working on it 20 hours a day, minimum. He was shocked by that. But I’ve devoted time to it the last couple weeks and I’ve already gotten opportunities and doors opening again so I think he’s beginning to respect it takes work to blog, but that blogging can be a real job.
    Pamela recently posted..Blogging About ControversaryMy Profile

  3. Hahaha, I meant 20 hours a week. I *could* work 20 hours a day, there’s always more to do, but yeah, I’m not that crazy.
    Pamela recently posted..Blogging About ControversaryMy Profile

    • Ha! I totally know what you are saying. And, it’s so true, we get out what we put in, right?! Good luck to ya! xo

  4. amen.

  5. YOU ARE KILLING IT AT THE MOMENT! I think it’s amazing you have your new shop up and running plus kidos and the extras that have come along in your life at the moment. You know it and so do the people close to you and us readers that have been following your journey. The shop looks great and so does the new page…loving the blonde! Just a quick question…any chance of getting things shipped to Australia? :o )
    Sarah recently posted..Catch up…that i must take…necklace envy…My Profile

    • Oh my gosh, thank you!! That totally made my day and I sure can’t wait until I get international shipping all figured out! Sign up for the newsletter, because I will definitely will be announcing it! Thanks for the encouragement! xo

  6. Gosh, you nailed this on the head! Great words I needed to hear. Hoping someday my “hobbies” will turn into a career, plus who says being a momma isn’t a career all in its own. Most days it’s the hardest job!
    Btw, love your design and photo!
    Lisa recently posted..Hey, Hi, Hello!My Profile

  7. Colleen,
    I work full time outside the home – I always phrase it that way because you are totally right – forget the blog for a moment, that’s a whole other matter – being a mom is THE hardest thing ever and it’s constant. There’s no 8 to 5 and then leave your work behind. There’s no pay check, no vacation, no sick time. And a blog is sort of a metaphor for that, isn’t it? The constant love and attention you need to make your blog thrive is similar to raising children and making a home. There will always be laundry; there will always be emails to answer. In my opinion, if you’re able to stay at home and blog and be successful at both (whatever success means to YOU) then you are luckier than most people in this world who work to collect a paycheck but are not fulfilling their potential or living their passion. So kudos to you, Colleen. :)
    Ang, Juggling Act Mama

  8. THIS. I get this all the time. Which – especially when I’m preparing for a show (I sell handdyed yarn) – is INFURIATING. But some people will never get that you can take a path outside of the typical 9-5 corporate world.
    Jeanne aka Sourire11 recently posted..Throwback Thurs: Birth Announcements.My Profile

  9. btw I just subscribed to you via blog lovin’!
    Jeanne aka Sourire11 recently posted..Throwback Thurs: Birth Announcements.My Profile


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