my 2 years of blogging…


A few weeks ago, my little blog turned 2! I remember what it felt like when I started blogging. Freaked out. I feel like I am so random, I found it very difficult to find my niche. I shared projects, but never really felt like a craft blogger. I shared recipes and have since stopped […]

how many minutes does instagram steal from you?


For a lot of you , I bet that you just checked your instagram about 2 minutes ago. I did. I find that I spend more and more time on there and it is a bad habit. For me, there are so many different aspects of why instagram is so enticing. Peaks into people’s lives, […]

yes actually, I do work


      I think people think of stay at home moms who blog as just stay at home moms. Most people in my life think of me as jobless. Just a mom with tons of hobbies? I don’t know, I guess until you are in it, or people can see you as a success, […]

the new look, an ad sale, and a winner!


  One night a while back I got sick of my old design and I threw up a sad 30 minute makeover, and maybe you noticed, it just didn’t look put together or feel very me. After I did it I couldn’t find a way to make changing it a bigger priority than anything else […]

the deal with my blogging identity crisis


I have been struggling with blogging lately, mostly because I have been depressed, but also because I have been having some trouble finding a balance with my blogging voice.  I was having a sort of out of body-blogging experience.  I felt some annoyance at myself as a person. I stopped a lot of creating, commenting […]

a little break


It may be obvious or maybe not, but I wanted to pop in and say that I am taking a tiny blog break. I’ll be back in the next week or so, hope that everyone has a Happy Easter! xo  

bloglovin’ hop

Don’t worry! The bloglovin hop is here to save the day. Holy commotion. Way to go Google,  yet again make bloggers freak the freak out. Fear not my GFC friends, I only had that little widget  for a few months before they took it away from non-blogger blogs, and I still blog. I’m alive and […]

bloglovin’ hop!

It’s back! Time to give bloglovin some lovin. If you haven’t signed up to use bloglovin’ to subscribe to blogs you are missing OUT!  Plus, it allows you to be able to follow blogs that don’t have GFC (like mine!) (If you don’t have a bloglovin’ account you can sign up here.) The rules are simple! […]

5 ways I get inspired


Blogging for me is about being inspired. It’s why I read blogs and it’s what made me want one. Being motivated and inspired feels awesome. I caught myself in a moment of feeling awesome and inspired and motivated and I did something that I never really did before. I dissected how it was that I […]

Yo! Monthly Bloglovin’ Hop!

If you haven’t signed up to use bloglovin’ to subscribe to blogs you are missing OUT! Not only is it a beautiful way to keep up with your favorite blogs, you can organize the shiz out of them too. It’s pretty major. Plus, it allows you to be able to follow blogs that don’t have […]