DIY- green tea face scrub


I love a good green tea face scrub and this one is my favorite to date.  The ingredients in this scrub have the perfect combo of vitamins, antioxidants and moisture and is great for anti-aging and wrinkle prevention-plus antiseptic properties that can help with acne! It can be a hard balance to find! I love […]

DIY- all natural curl defining shine spray


I have been really hair lazy lately, and have wanted a little something to help my hair along without all of the work of styling, and also without all of the “crunch” of beachy waves. Plus, summer is over, so let’s keep the drying salt off of my hair for a while. It needs TLC, […]

diy-peaches and cream face mask


My supermarket had an amazing deal on perfect, sweet peaches this week so I am using what’s fresh and in season, and that’s lucky for us! Peaches are amazing for your skin and provide antioxidants that actually help with the regeneration of new skin-the key to fresh faces! (And don’t forget how good the honey […]

DIY- sea salt clarifying shampoo


This shampoo is the perfect way to give your end of summer hair some love. It is extra clarifying and will remove all of that chlorine from swimming and product buildup! Plus, it is great to use before you plan on doing beachy waves and it also kicks up your volume. Supplies: 1 tablespoon clear […]

DIY hair repair: banana yogurt hair mask


  You guys know the damage number that I have done on my locks recently, so it’s only appropriate that I spend extra time finding ways to baby my hair when I can, and to make amends- with my split ends. This mask as usual, was born out of ingredients that I had on hand […]

DIY- summer bronze cocoa powder face mask


Plain cocoa powder is full of antioxidants (hello? the good reason to eat chocolate!) something that skin loves, so why not use it on your face? The benefits don’t just stop there, they say even just breathing the scent of chocolate puts you in a better mood and can even have you feeling a little […]

DIY lavender facial toner


  This is a super simple facial toner that I have been using that is so great to soothe summer skin! To make it, I used about a teaspoon of baking soda to approximately 1 1/2 cups of witch hazel and then shake until dissolved. I then added a tablespoon of dried lavender buds, (which […]

DIY- natural whipped body butter

whipped body butter

Have you ever used REAL whipped body butter? I mean, not lotion, but whipped body butter?   I can’t even describe how much I love this stuff. I mean, I genuinely grin from ear to ear when I tell people about it and use it AND it’s really fun and simple to make. Don’t read […]

DIY- brown sugar, green tea, & walnut body scrub


  Suffering from winter itch like me? This DIY brown sugar, walnut, and green tea body scrub that is dripping in coconut oil was just what I needed to stop clawing at my legs and get some rest at night. Whip it up just before you plan to use it. I like to use scrubs […]

DIY- gold leafing


  I purchased a little gold leaf kit awhile ago, since I have this minor attraction to pretty things with haphazard gold leafing, and I just wanted to share my experience with it! First, my kit came with a dual tipped glue pen so you basically draw with or paint the glue where you want […]