DIY- baking soda, nutmeg & lemon facemask


Finally got around to a diy baking soda mask and this lemon and nutmeg one feels so good while it’s on and your skin feels amazing after. Just like baking soda brightens your clothes and your teeth, it will do the same for your skin! The baking soda and lemon make this perfect little storm […]

Christmas DIY- Triangle Glitter Tree Jars


I am a hoarder of jars. It’s a fact. I can’t toss em to save my life. These little cuties are the remains of a Slatkin and Co. 3 wick candle and some plain old free glass votive holders from the B&B. As cute as they are, they were just as simple to make, if […]

Almost Pumpkin Hot Cocoa Recipe


I love pumpkin hot chocolate almost more than pumpkin spice lattes. This recipe however, was born of necessity and availability far more than my desire to be a fall mamajamma. The purchase of pumpkin spice marshmallows and the only other ingredients I had birthed this deeply flavored pumpkiny fall treat! Almost instant, and not quite […]

Fall Beauty DIY: Hot Apple Pie Body Scrub


How about a yummy fall body scrub? I think yes. So the other day I was just sitting around wishing I had some apple pie, (cause pie) and then it occurred to me that I might like one all over me as well. It’s been a while since I DIY beauty treatmented, so was born […]

Make Your Own:: Coconut Coffee Scrub


Super simple coconut coffee scrub! On this week’s episode of I Freakin Love Coconut Oil… You guys! This stuff is the shimmy. First of all it’s coconut oil, second of all it’s coffee. Which….wait for it…helps tighten skin and reduce cellulite! I know, I mean, we don’t have that anyway…but you know, if you know […]

Make Your Own:: Summer Strawberry (& cucumber!) Face Mask


Feeling a little hot and icky lately? This mask is super refreshing, I have to say. Whip this up and you just might wish you had some extra with a straw on ice. I took a small seedless cucumber, peeled and chunked it, then threw it into the food processor. I planned on hand mashing […]

Make Your Own:: Moisturizing Body Pudding


This treatment is so good you will want to eat it! First combine the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients separately. Then add the dry to the wet and allow the beads to soak up the mixture. (about 20 minutes) You end up with this mealy body pudding. It’s great, because it allows you to […]

Project:: Vintage Heart Cardi Upcycle


  The little project was so simple that I almost didn’t post it! I made it forever ago, and it is so cute for spring, that I got to thinking… I’m just sharing what I made, more so than telling you how to do it. {I swear I am going to find a DIY of […]

Make Your Own:: Lemon Apple Peel Mask


OK. This little number is what it is. Pretty much… jello. Like, it’s edible. The trick here, is catching it during the firming process before it has become too firm to use. It took me several tries, but about 20-30 minutes seems to do the trick. So! Empty a packet of plain gelatin into a […]

Make Your Own:: Citrus Powder


So, why do this? You can use dried citrus peel for so many things, but in the case of this batch here, I’m using it in some diy beauty treatments (posts to come). I dried and powdered both lemon and grapefruit peel.; just let the peel dry out and the crush it up. I used […]