tired and sore, but glad


I have been putting in a ton of time at the gym. I had been yo-yo dieting this whole year and somehow my lose 15 lbs by summer plans were traded in for a fast gain of ANOTHER 15. Not cute, not the plan and I’m way pissed at myself. Every indulgent bite I took […]

the short of it


The first thing that goes when my life gets nuts is my blog, so forgive my absence if you noticed one. My mom has been in the hospital, I have several new commitments, and a fresh batch of oh so lovely personal life drama, so it’s been hectic. And horrible. But the days go by […]

projects and things


I took last week away from blogging and got some things done around the house. I painted my kitchen, did a chalkboard wall, threw away some junk. It feels awesome. Which leads to the fact that I just now want to spruce up literally every other area in our house. Haha. Really, though. I crave […]

on being kind


Kindness is so important to me, because I just wasn’t raised to be kind. I was raised to be strong and hold my own. To never let anyone push me around and to be tough. My mom was proud when people told her I was full of sass and attitude just like her. At the […]

a book in 30 days


I am filled with motivations today. For my home, biz, blog, so so much, that I feel that I need to just “go do” versus sit here and talk about it. I find that when motivation strikes, it’s best to run with it. I also find, that if I share about it, it helps to […]



  Shawn bought that headdress while we were camping this summer, because he wanted to use it in a Harlem Shake.^^^ ********************************** I just had to post today to make it 5 full days this week! Solid! Have a happy weekend! I will be buying a Leaves candle and cleaning all. the. days. This joint […]



  listening to: Crazy Mary by Pearl Jam and Super Conductor by Beautiful Small Machines both on equal repeat. eating: Salads on the daily, and I am suddenly alive with the fact that I do actually, like many veggies that I thought I didn’t. Also craving Chinese and suddenly? I LOVE hot sauce. And we […]

just a wave


This past long weekend, we did a whole lot of nothing and it was nice. Not the refreshing nice, more like an oh crap I just want to not do any of the things even longer than this, nice. Lazy out of exhaustion, not just lazy, if you will. But as you know, sometimes when […]

back from the fair


It’s been so long since I have posted to the blog! I honestly didn’t even crack open my laptop for over a week and I missed it! We spent the last week of our life living (pretty much) at our county fair. Yes, at the fair. It was totally last-minute little business venture, and it definitely […]

releasing negativity


Last night as I was laying in bed I decided to make a conscious effort to only think positive thoughts as I laid there, mind whirling 1000 miles a minute as usual. I wouldn’t dwell on the unfinished tasks of the day, the stresses or worries, but only the good things that are in my […]