tired and sore, but glad


I have been putting in a ton of time at the gym. I had been yo-yo dieting this whole year and somehow my lose 15 lbs by summer plans were traded in for a fast gain of ANOTHER 15. Not cute, not the plan and I’m way pissed at myself. Every indulgent bite I took […]

juice! juice juice!


It’s the end of day one of a 10 day juice fast and I feel pretty good except for being tired. Not starving or anything. I have been casually mentioning doing a fast ever since seeing Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead last yearish? I don’t know, quite a bit, but finally Shawn decided to jump […]

Sometimes You Gotta Change The Game Plan


Well, it’s been several weeks since I wrote about my need to Spring Clean Myself so I thought I’d just drop in and talk about how it’s been going. And how I  haven’t lost a single pound. At first I was using an app to track calories and working out. I was limiting my calorie […]

So, I lied. Kinda


Well, I know I posted the other day that Laura and I would be back today with a link up, but turns out timing wasn’t totally right (totally my fault). I was lacking too much motivation to try to motivate others. That’s just not real.  No worries. I have to do this for myself. I […]