releasing negativity


Last night as I was laying in bed I decided to make a conscious effort to only think positive thoughts as I laid there, mind whirling 1000 miles a minute as usual. I wouldn’t dwell on the unfinished tasks of the day, the stresses or worries, but only the good things that are in my […]

the deal with my blogging identity crisis


I have been struggling with blogging lately, mostly because I have been depressed, but also because I have been having some trouble finding a balance with my blogging voice.  I was having a sort of out of body-blogging experience.  I felt some annoyance at myself as a person. I stopped a lot of creating, commenting […]

past present future


Past- So Saturday I had a fun night out with my sister for her mini bachelorette party. Like too much fun actually and spent all of yesterday over-eating greasy things and recovering from said fun. But it was worth it. I can’t believe my little sister is getting married. And soon! Present- It is hot. Really […]

summer busy


    So basically we have been making sweet love to the summer already. Actually, I think the summer might need to take a pregnancy test because we have rocked its world so hard. Beaches and ballgames and bonfires and drive-in movies. It’s been a whirlwind few days. I’m still kinda meh and really low […]

it’s time we had the talk


I have been battling a low bout of depression for the past few months, and if you read my blog enough you can probably see how up and down I get. Sometimes I have good days and I come out of it and feel like everything is good, but the truth is its more of […]

the time I let mapquest make my decisions


You should know, I am a ridiculously impulsive person. When Shawn and I were in our first year together and crazy in love I was all, ” let’s go somewhere like love birds!”  and it went something like this: me: Let’s go on a little road trip! Shawn: OK! Where should we go? me: I’m […]

just a change around here


Just wanted to share a quick post about something that has been on my mind lately. I am going to cut back a bit on the posts with my kids in them. I don’t want to overexpose them or risk their safety. On Hannah’s first day of 6th grade I had posted a photo and […]

I see your overalls and raise you overalls on a bridge. By the creek.


So this is what my mom felt like when I wanted to wear her old bell bottoms?  Look how happy 1999 Colleen is about overalls getting all up in her instagram: That is a face of pure joy. What a nerd. See this people?? Stop it. Also, tan-nude-frost lip and nail combos can stay gone […]

so we were almost murdered


On Saturday we experienced something of a threat level yellow. Sitting quietly in the living room watching television in the calm yellow light of Target lamps when suddenly a vicious banging on our door ripped my calm heart straight out of my chest. First of all, we don’t get unexpected visitors here, ever. Ever. So […]



I hate saying my name out loud. I don’t dislike my name, I actually like it, but I have always had this weirdness for saying it out loud. Shawn and I were watching Office Space: me- I am totally just like Jennifer Aniston’s character in this movie, you know that right? Shawn- How is that? […]