late night rambles and fall stuff


We have had a lot of changes in our life recently. Well, this whole year really. It has been full of ups and downs and it feels good to be pulling into August with things looking more positive. We are taking on some challenging projects as a family, and it is going to be an […]

releasing negativity


Last night as I was laying in bed I decided to make a conscious effort to only think positive thoughts as I laid there, mind whirling 1000 miles a minute as usual. I wouldn’t dwell on the unfinished tasks of the day, the stresses or worries, but only the good things that are in my […]



I hate saying my name out loud. I don’t dislike my name, I actually like it, but I have always had this weirdness for saying it out loud. Shawn and I were watching Office Space: me- I am totally just like Jennifer Aniston’s character in this movie, you know that right? Shawn- How is that? […]