New Product News: Triple Threats


I’m listing the newest addition to my product line in the shop as we speak! I am SO in love with these Triple Threats! They are fabulous products and the scents, you will just love them. Head over and take a peek!

shop update!


I added more products to the shop! Slowly but surely couldn’t be more true in the case of me building up stock, but I’m at peace with it. I am really happy to FINALLY at least get the first two flavors of my lip balm collection Smooches! Mint and Island Smooch were my testers favorites […]

late night rambles and fall stuff


We have had a lot of changes in our life recently. Well, this whole year really. It has been full of ups and downs and it feels good to be pulling into August with things looking more positive. We are taking on some challenging projects as a family, and it is going to be an […]

the new look, an ad sale, and a winner!


  One night a while back I got sick of my old design and I threw up a sad 30 minute makeover, and maybe you noticed, it just didn’t look put together or feel very me. After I did it I couldn’t find a way to make changing it a bigger priority than anything else […]

grand opening giveaway


So much has been happening since we last chatted! My little sister got married, we celebrated the 4th of July, and I have been working hard on the shop since she opened! It’s funny, I really wasn’t totally prepared for the first orders. I was surprised when I got a few large ones, and had […]

soft opening// reves & paisley


  Well, I said that I would do a really quiet opening and add products as I grow. So, here she is. Feel free to give me feedback. This is a too fast opening, but in a slow way. I hope she grows like I know she will.

a decision about reves & paisely – a humble beginning


foaming whipped sugar scrubs! Well it’s no secret that I have had my hands full lately. I really want to get my shop open, my heart hurts when I see finished products on the shelf and not in people’s hands when I seem to have people that actually really want them! I ended up hurting […]

bath & body line happenings- the name!


So I have packaged up all of my goodies from the insta-sale and it took me slightly longer because I planned on sending out everything unbranded just to get it out and make some money to live on, but I just could not DO it! I had to create some makeshift labels with what I […]