finding treasures in the rack


 So yesterday I was talking about how happy, no ecstatic, that I was to be invited to a pre-grand opening party for the Nordstrom Rack that just opened in my little old neck of the woods!  (I know, we are extremly lucky over here!) The best part of the invite was them asking me to […]

We got a Nordstrom Rack!


I have been pumped for a while now after finding out that we were getting a Nordstrom Rack a mere 10 minutes from my house, so imagine my pure joy to get an invite to the private grand opening pre-party where I would be able to check out the entire selection first and enjoy apps […]



  listening to: Crazy Mary by Pearl Jam and Super Conductor by Beautiful Small Machines both on equal repeat. eating: Salads on the daily, and I am suddenly alive with the fact that I do actually, like many veggies that I thought I didn’t. Also craving Chinese and suddenly? I LOVE hot sauce. And we […]

my 2 years of blogging…


A few weeks ago, my little blog turned 2! I remember what it felt like when I started blogging. Freaked out. I feel like I am so random, I found it very difficult to find my niche. I shared projects, but never really felt like a craft blogger. I shared recipes and have since stopped […]

summer to fall 2013


  Orla Kiely lambswool sweater, $310 / Harvey Faircloth red shorts / H&M black engineer boots, $47 / With Love From CA turquoise jewellery / Stackable ring / NARS Cosmetics matte finish lipstick You’re never too old to wear plaid on the bottom and a squirrel sweater. I promise. I think. …I want it either […]

diy-peaches and cream face mask


My supermarket had an amazing deal on perfect, sweet peaches this week so I am using what’s fresh and in season, and that’s lucky for us! Peaches are amazing for your skin and provide antioxidants that actually help with the regeneration of new skin-the key to fresh faces! (And don’t forget how good the honey […]

just a wave


This past long weekend, we did a whole lot of nothing and it was nice. Not the refreshing nice, more like an oh crap I just want to not do any of the things even longer than this, nice. Lazy out of exhaustion, not just lazy, if you will. But as you know, sometimes when […]

a diamond candles giveaway!


Recently, I had the opportunity to try a Diamond Candle for the first time and I was pretty pumped. I had been hearing about them for a while, and I knew that I had to have one! The candles are  all natural soy and come in amazing scents, and have a special surprise inside. (I […]

back from the fair


It’s been so long since I have posted to the blog! I honestly didn’t even crack open my laptop for over a week and I missed it! We spent the last week of our life living (pretty much) at our county fair. Yes, at the fair. It was totally last-minute little business venture, and it definitely […]

how many minutes does instagram steal from you?


For a lot of you , I bet that you just checked your instagram about 2 minutes ago. I did. I find that I spend more and more time on there and it is a bad habit. For me, there are so many different aspects of why instagram is so enticing. Peaks into people’s lives, […]