DIY- sea salt clarifying shampoo


This shampoo is the perfect way to give your end of summer hair some love. It is extra clarifying and will remove all of that chlorine from swimming and product buildup! Plus, it is great to use before you plan on doing beachy waves and it also kicks up your volume. Supplies: 1 tablespoon clear […]

yes actually, I do work


      I think people think of stay at home moms who blog as just stay at home moms. Most people in my life think of me as jobless. Just a mom with tons of hobbies? I don’t know, I guess until you are in it, or people can see you as a success, […]

shop update!


I added more products to the shop! Slowly but surely couldn’t be more true in the case of me building up stock, but I’m at peace with it. I am really happy to FINALLY at least get the first two flavors of my lip balm collection Smooches! Mint and Island Smooch were my testers favorites […]

DIY hair repair: banana yogurt hair mask


  You guys know the damage number that I have done on my locks recently, so it’s only appropriate that I spend extra time finding ways to baby my hair when I can, and to make amends- with my split ends. This mask as usual, was born out of ingredients that I had on hand […]

late night rambles and fall stuff


We have had a lot of changes in our life recently. Well, this whole year really. It has been full of ups and downs and it feels good to be pulling into August with things looking more positive. We are taking on some challenging projects as a family, and it is going to be an […]

DIY- summer bronze cocoa powder face mask


Plain cocoa powder is full of antioxidants (hello? the good reason to eat chocolate!) something that skin loves, so why not use it on your face? The benefits don’t just stop there, they say even just breathing the scent of chocolate puts you in a better mood and can even have you feeling a little […]

the new look, an ad sale, and a winner!


  One night a while back I got sick of my old design and I threw up a sad 30 minute makeover, and maybe you noticed, it just didn’t look put together or feel very me. After I did it I couldn’t find a way to make changing it a bigger priority than anything else […]

releasing negativity


Last night as I was laying in bed I decided to make a conscious effort to only think positive thoughts as I laid there, mind whirling 1000 miles a minute as usual. I wouldn’t dwell on the unfinished tasks of the day, the stresses or worries, but only the good things that are in my […]

mid-summer style


  By the end of July I’m pretty ready for fall to get here. The heat becomes less fun and I miss sweaters and jeans! Perking up the wardrobe makes the end of summer a little more fun and these items are my perfect mid summer style! What about you, are you still loving summer? […]

DIY lavender facial toner


  This is a super simple facial toner that I have been using that is so great to soothe summer skin! To make it, I used about a teaspoon of baking soda to approximately 1 1/2 cups of witch hazel and then shake until dissolved. I then added a tablespoon of dried lavender buds, (which […]